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“I realized how great the difference is between trying the exercises on my own or practicing them with others under the guidance of a teacher. It’s a big difference and it’s worth it. The effect is much greater. And the strength of our group was very important to me. To hear and feel the others and to be part of it.”


“Bára’s guiding Forest’s mind is both a delightful flow and a safe embrace in the arms of nature. You are a great role model for me in passing on the Forest mind. Thank you.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Forest mind journey yesterday and it met my expectations. The presentation of the concept and the individual exercises were absolutely clear and straightforward, yet very colourful, supportive and personal. You’re doing it right! 🙂 It was a very enjoyable time for me.”


“It’s all still echoing in me. Thank you for your kind smooth guidance. I loved it and enjoyed the whole two hours.”


“I’m taking away peace and my headache has stopped. I’m so glad I went to Forest mind.”


“Thank you for all the exercises, especially the last one The Gratitude tree is very important. To regularly acknowledge how much we have in our lives and what works for us.”


“Thank you for a lovely afternoon with you and Forest mind, I keep coming back to that experience. I really appreciated your “choreography” of each exercise, they followed each other beautifully, while allowing one to get deeper into oneself.”


“Thank you for a beautiful day 🙂 I tuned in to a pleasant wave, rested and recharged for the next days. You picked a beautiful place, a great group gathered and I had a great time.”